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hey Danny, 
Been a while.. hope all is well. 
Actually, for the true completist, not sure most fans know this as I did not know it for quite a while. 
But the track Cool Down on Pow Wow Plus (which was originally released on the 1981 Fetish 12" single Temperature Drop, along with the title track) is actually an edited, shorter version on Pow Wow Plus by a couple of minutes. 
I forget if Temperature Drop is edited too. .  .but I dont think so. 
Do you know if the version on this compilation album is the full length track from the original single?  
Unfortunately When I bought the Mute reissue Pow Wow Plus on CD in the early nineties, I sold my original 12" single. . as I just assumed the tracks would be the same length. 
At First when I played the cd I thought: Hmmm. . . I thought Cool Down was a bit longer. hmmm... oh well... I guess not.
And a few years later a good friend pointed out that they were NOT the same. And I was so mad. 
he played it for me and recorded it onto a blank tape for me (this was still a few years before the CDRs came out :-) 
So I no longer have the original single which does bug me somewhat. But if I ever see it again for a reasonable price.. not like what it goes for on ebay. . i will buy it again.
Word to the wise: ALWAYS verify something before you sell it even if you think you are correct :-)

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Excellent track from POW WOW (PLUS) now also on this Belgian comp : http://www.discogs.com/Various-New-Wave-Club-ClassX-Sinners-Day-11/release/3150323 
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