[Nagnagnag] Rare Cabs/NO collab track "Are you Ready?"

Simon Dell simon at stroppy.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 3 22:21:22 PST 2012

Hi Grant and all,

The link I put up was for a download of my copy of "The Men With The Deadly 
Dreams". It was initially on megaupload (for about 12 hours before it was 
pulled!), it's now on mediafire:


You can get the NO/CV collaboration as a download here:




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> Not sure this has been mentioned here but theres a rare New Order 12" 
> limited to only 500 copies called: Western Works Demos 9/7/80.
> It features six rare demos from New Order's first demo session recorded at 
> Western Works.
> And one of which is a track where Cabs did all the music, with a rare 
> vocal performance from NO  manager Rob Gretton. Track's called: Are You 
> Ready?
> The track is great and sounds just like Cabs, albeit with Gretton on 
> vocals.
> At thIs time they were still trying to decide who was gonna replace Ian as 
> lead singer.
> So the vocals are done by Hook, Stephen Morris, Sumner (and the one with 
> Gretton) on these six tracks, including two very early and pretty cool 
> versions of Ceremony.
> Sorry i don't have the link right now... I'm on an  old crap cell phone 
> that will not allow me to do much at all, let alone post links. Lol
> But it is on Discogs with no label as it is apparantly a semi-official 
> boot that is believed to have been put out by Hooky himself.. though this 
> is just a rumour.
> Do track down if you can find it. Is is worth the $20 for the Cabs track 
> alone!
> PS- does anyone here have that rare V/A  comp The Men with the Deadly 
> Dreams that Simon posted?
> And if so could you be so kind as to put it up so we can download it?
> Thank you in advance :-)
> Have a great weekend all!
> Grant
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