[Nagnagnag] Rare Cabs/NO collab track "Are you Ready?"

Grant Regnaert tripreset at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 3 17:53:15 PST 2012

Not sure this has been mentioned here but theres a rare New Order 12" limited to only 500 copies called: Western Works Demos 9/7/80.
It features six rare demos from New Order's first demo session recorded at Western Works. 
And one of which is a track where Cabs did all the music, with a rare vocal performance from NO  manager Rob Gretton. Track's called: Are You Ready? 
The track is great and sounds just like Cabs, albeit with Gretton on vocals.
At thIs time they were still trying to decide who was gonna replace Ian as lead singer. 
So the vocals are done by Hook, Stephen Morris, Sumner (and the one with Gretton) on these six tracks, including two very early and pretty cool versions of Ceremony. 
Sorry i don't have the link right now... I'm on an  old crap cell phone that will not allow me to do much at all, let alone post links. Lol 
But it is on Discogs with no label as it is apparantly a semi-official boot that is believed to have been put out by Hooky himself.. though this is just a rumour. 
Do track down if you can find it. Is is worth the $20 for the Cabs track alone!
PS- does anyone here have that rare V/A  comp The Men with the Deadly Dreams that Simon posted? 
And if so could you be so kind as to put it up so we can download it? 
Thank you in advance :-)  

Have a great weekend all!

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