[Nagnagnag] The Technocrats

Simon Dell simon at stroppy.demon.co.uk
Thu Feb 2 12:41:27 PST 2012

Yep, got this too. But goddamn, gonna have to get the 12" now for that other 
mix...this completist OCD...

At least the vinyl versions are cheap on discogs...

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I got this when it came out and think I do have the press release
somewhere still too. RHK was not a member but made 3 remixes of this
"Propaganda covers Kraftwerk EP for the rave generation", 2 where on CD,
the third only on the 12". This might have been a German Only release
with a few copies for export.

It's quite listenable but not essential (i.e. boring listened to as a
whole) - a 12" entirely made of Kirk's mixes would have been enough for
my taste : )

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