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I vaguely remember some mention of this track previously, although I thought it was part of a Kraftwerk cover versions album (maybe that's another track entirely?)

A bit of a google dragged up this interview with Ralf Dörper


This suggests that RHK did one of the remixes rather than working with Dörper on the original cover version, so maybe Kirk wasn't strictly a member of The Technocrats

"Sheffield mix: Richard Kirk von Cabaret Voltaire 

Nottingham mix: Rythmatic 

Düsseldorf mix: I with Jochen Schmit und Brain "


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> GOOD QUESTION!  Nicholas, I literally own everything by Kirk.. 
> even rare stuff like his Wicky Wacky12" EP.. and Citrus and the alphaphone EPs like the Chemical Agent Waterfall EP etc..
>  But I have NEVER heard of The Technocrats in my life. Lol.. Weird. 
> As for MY TOP TEN KIRK ALBUMS and they too will change from time to time : 
> R.H. Kirk:  Earlier/Later 
> Sweet Exorcist:  Spirit Guide to Low Tech
> R.H.Kirk:  The Number of Magic 
> Nitrogen: Intoxica 
>  Al Jabr: One Million and Three 
> Sandoz: Digital Lifeforms 
> Wicky Wacky: Lets Get Down 
> Electronic Eye: Closed Circuit 
> TWAT: v.4.0
> R H. Kirk presents: Alphaphone  Step Write Run Vol.1 
> Sweet Exorcist: RetroActivity  
> Grant
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