[Nagnagnag] Kirk solo

Nicolas Doye nic at worldofnic.org
Wed Feb 1 11:07:22 PST 2012

Just record a bar of Martyrs of Palestine on continuous loop.

On 1 Feb 2012 18:48, "Lee Evans" <snaveeel at hotmail.com> wrote:

 Oh Man, way too difficult, as Grant states...so of course I had to have a
go! My crap memory for track names proved to be a bit of a hindrance though.

I Got Weapons
Electronic Sight
Goat Dub Reaction
King Dread
Human Spirit
El Cid Inna Dub

Or alternatively: just Agents With False Memories, which is probably my
most played Kirk album!


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Yes I'm aware of his vast catalog but it was just an exercise to see what
you would choose per...

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