[Nagnagnag] [Cabaretvoltaire] Digital Life Time...is this new too?

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Just downloaded both the full-length and the EP ... After a 1st listen, I can say it sounds "smooth" like earlier SANDOZ releases (Digital Lifeforms, Intensely Radioactive) which sounds good to me ! It fits nicely with other stuff I've been listening to today (THE FIELD, R. VILLALOBOS, CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE (remixes & originals), SIRIUSMO, ...). 

Having 4 version of a single track on the EP is perhaps a bit overkill, but it's always good to have new RHK works, although a physical release would of course have been great. 


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Onderwerp: [Cabaretvoltaire] Digital Life Time...is this new too? 

Has Digital Life Time also just been released too? 

The web site has a picture of it but the text only mentions the EP: 

"Celebrating 20 years of Sandoz Recordings Intone Productions are 
proud to anounce the release of a brand new 4 track ep and 
album,available to download from the iTunes music store from August 
13th 2012." 



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