[Nagnagnag] Johnny YesNo (Redux) [Mute] (4 x CD plus DVD)

Nicolas Doye nic at worldofnic.org
Fri Nov 18 10:39:34 PST 2011

My take.

Some of the remixes are really good, some just don't work.

The original film is interesting but ... I waited over 25 years to see
this. Meaningless but mercifully short. A bit of a let down.

The new version I couldn't be bothered to watch and just started fast
forwarding. Pointless and poorly made. What were they thinking?

On 18 Nov 2011 09:58, "Jerker Sundlöf" <jerker.sundlof at eins.se> wrote:


Received the Redux set the other day from Mute. Interesting stuff I must
say. The new film version I mean. I'm very into the original score, so I
didn't expect any improvements exactly regarding the "remixed" soundtrack.
And so far it has lived up to my modest expectations. Although it's good,
it's not Cabs nor Kirk top class. The music doesn't surprise one bit, maybe
because this work has been laying around for some years (?) before it
actually got released. I wouldn't say that Kirk surprises me with every
release, because it's always pretty fantastic and in that sense you know
you're in for a treat every time something new comes out. But there is
always some parts and bits in the music that totally knocks me out. Not
this time though, not so far.

Don't know if anyone ordered this directly from Mute, but ther packaging
for shipment is crap as always. I received my copy with all teeth of the
hubs holding the discs snapped. Discs just rattling around. Booklet
scuffed. Looks like something you pick up in Tapes and Records Exchange
that is a decade old... Thanks Mute, for finally making this gem available,
but please follow it through with quality in design and distribution.

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