[Nagnagnag] Johnny YesNo (Redux) [Mute] (4 x CD plus DVD)

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Tue Nov 8 09:34:47 PST 2011

 Hot off the press from the Bleep newsletter...


Cabaret Voltaire
Johnny YesNo (Redux)
(4 x CD plus DVD)
The first ever DVD issue of this lost short feature from 1982, and possibly
the only example of film-noir from Sheffield. Evocative and poignant, its
ambiguous but grimly compelling narrative follows our anti-hero, Jonny
YesNo, through a neon-streaked nightmare world of sex, drugs and
existential crisis. Enhanced by a powerful, experimental score by Steel
City industrialists, Cabaret Voltaire, their use of sparse dub techniques
and minimal dancefloor aesthetics enriches the sleazy, psychotic atmosphere
of the film.
This edition includes the original soundtrack, the original film and extras
discs with new versions of the soundtrack and an updated version of the
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