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Sat Jul 9 03:29:26 PDT 2011

 Yeah, I knew Peter Care was doing a new version, I just was hoping the old one would be on there as well, and it is. Looks like the second cd is the new soundtrack. 
I did a bit more searching around and found this forum page

at the end someone talks about it including the "doublevision compilation", what is this? I assume it isn't Doublevision presents.. as Mute still have it in print, and it can't be promo videos because all the rough trade era videos are on the end of that dvd and the haceinds one.

Who'd have thought it, Asda selling Cabaret Voltaire....

On a different note, I managed to get hold of the revised edition of "Art of the Sixth Sense", I thought it was pretty good, covers the good years, and ends before they went all baggy and pants.
However, having paid £18 for it off a bookshop on ebay, I was pissed off to find £2.50 penciled in the inside cover. The guy could have had the decency to rub out the price he got it from a charity shop for.

Also... does anyone know if the studio version of Hey Hey got a release other than on the English version of Code? Seeing as Code is so hard to get hold of for a reasonable price I had to settle for an american version which doesn't have it on, I've got the studio version on radiation though.
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