[Nagnagnag] Industrial Revolution or Art of the Sixth Sense?

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I have a ticket for the gig in London and contacted them a couple of weeks ago to check about Kirk's DJ-gig. Never got a reply, so I guess he's off the list. Very annoying...

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> I have only read Industrial Revolution. It was interesting especially for
> me as it mirrored my experiences thru the 70s and 80s in terms of the
> politics and work. It is not a great insight into the Cabs themselves who seem
> to be occasional actors in the writers play, who concentrates mainly on his
> story. It does give a sense of the Sheffield music scene and a flavour of
> the band relationships but somehow manages to let you walk away none too
> much the wiser. All in all, it was more entertaining than educational. If you
> can pick up a cheap copy, go for it. I think I paid £6 on Amazon.
> Re the gig - Im not sure that RHK is even advertised on the posters
> now......... I would be surprised if he was there.
> Larry
> On 26 Feb 2011, at 22:58, samuel rowe wrote:
> > Hi
> > 
> > I'm wondering which one of these books is the best one to buy? I noticed
> they are both by the same author, but Sixth Sense is just about Cabaret
> Voltaire, not the Sheffield music scene as well. I know I've probably
> answered my own question there, but with a lack of decent reviews of these on the
> internet, I assumed someone on the list might have read them.
> > 
> > Basically, I've just read the Throbbing Gristle one, Wreckers of
> Civilisation, which was good, but I read the one about Martin Hannett by the guy
> out of Durruti Column ages ago, and thought it was a little bit shit. I
> prefer ones with lot's of interviews and first hand accounts, rather than the
> odd fact with bits filled in between.
> > 
> > Whilst I'm here, is anyone going to the Numan gig with Richard H Kirk
> supporting on April 1st? I'm convinced Kirk is going to pull out...
> > 
> > Thanks 
> > Samuel
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