[Nagnagnag] Industrial Revolution or Art of the Sixth Sense?

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Would recommend in the following order:
1) Art of the Sixth Sense - for maximum Cabs content
2) Tape Delay - for the sheer breadth of insightful interviews 
3) Industrial Evolution - for a entertaining narrative

Hope you're all keeping well,



On 2011-02-27, at 1:15 AM, cars10 wrote:

> Hi,
> I'd recommend going for the second revised and enlarged  edition (1989) of The Art Of The Sixth Sense if you're into CV and not a more personal reflection of the time.  IE does not include the graphics, discography,  etc.  but broadens the whole context in novel style.
> Tape Delay by Charles Neal should also be mentioned as a great document about CV and loads of contemporaries.
> -carsten
> Am 26.02.2011 23:58, schrieb samuel rowe:
>> Hi
>> I'm wondering which one of these books is the best one to buy? I noticed they are both by the same author, but Sixth Sense is just about Cabaret Voltaire, not the Sheffield music scene as well. I know I've probably answered my own question there, but with a lack of decent reviews of these on the internet, I assumed someone on the list might have read them.
>> Basically, I've just read the Throbbing Gristle one, Wreckers of Civilisation, which was good, but I read the one about Martin Hannett by the guy out of Durruti Column ages ago, and thought it was a little bit shit. I prefer ones with lot's of interviews and first hand accounts, rather than the odd fact with bits filled in between.
>> Whilst I'm here, is anyone going to the Numan gig with Richard H Kirk supporting on April 1st? I'm convinced Kirk is going to pull out...
>> Thanks
>> Samuel
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