[Nagnagnag] Industrial Revolution or Art of the Sixth Sense?

samuel rowe samueldavidrowe at hotmail.co.uk
Sat Feb 26 14:58:25 PST 2011


I'm wondering which one of these books is the best one to buy? I noticed they are both by the same author, but Sixth Sense is just about Cabaret Voltaire, not the Sheffield music scene as well. I know I've probably answered my own question there, but with a lack of decent reviews of these on the internet, I assumed someone on the list might have read them.

Basically, I've just read the Throbbing Gristle one, Wreckers of Civilisation, which was good, but I read the one about Martin Hannett by the guy out of Durruti Column ages ago, and thought it was a little bit shit. I prefer ones with lot's of interviews and first hand accounts, rather than the odd fact with bits filled in between.

Whilst I'm here, is anyone going to the Numan gig with Richard H Kirk supporting on April 1st? I'm convinced Kirk is going to pull out...

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