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Thu Mar 25, 2010 6:19 am (PDT)


There's a fellow, from Austria, from another list selling his entire
collection - no, I don't know him and have no idea who he is - but his
collection is very impressive. Basically, industrial, post-industrial and
ambient stuff, but guess that a few here will find it quite interesting
(some very, very rare items listed).

cheers, s., rio.

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Subject: [Grief] TG collection sale
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Hello all,

I'm going to sell my complete collection & it includes many rare TG records

»Assume Power Focus«
»Five Albums«
»Heathen Earth / Blue vinyl«
»Live From Death Factory / Ltd. 50«
»Second Annual Report«
»The Kill«
»We Hate You [Little Girls] / Five Knuckle Shuffle«
and many more …

Please have a look at my list here >
^ Please ask for anything of interest, make offers, request details or
images ;)

Some are already listed with condition details & price proposals here >
^ Minus 20% offer until end of March!

All the best from Vienna | Tom

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