[Nagnagnag] CV for sale

cars10 carsten at framed-dimension.de
Wed Mar 17 16:38:41 PDT 2010


I'm parting with some CV & related items. If interested feel free to 
send offers (and questions), postage will be calculated individually.
Grading is as close as possible to Goldmine, Jewel Cases excluded.

- cars10

[artist /title /format /year /label /country /record /cover  /comments)

cabaret voltaire 	hai ! 	LP 	1982 	rough trade 	ger 	vg 	vg 	 
cabaret voltaire 	just fascination 	12" 	1983 	virgin 	ger 	vg+ 	vg+ 
small writing on label
cabaret voltaire 	the dream ticket 	12" 	1983 	virgin 	ger 	nm 	vg(+) 	 
cabaret voltaire 	micro phonies 	LP 	1984 	virgin 	ger 	vg+ 	vg 	inner 
cabaret voltaire 	sensoria 	12" 	1984 	virgin 	uk 	nm 	vg 	sticker on cover
cabaret voltaire 	code 	LP 	1987 	emi 	eur 	vg 	vg 	inner sleeve
peter hope & richard h. kirk 	hoodoo talk 	LP 	1987 	native 	uk 	vg+ 
vg 	inner sleeve
cabaret voltaire 	groovy, laidback and nasty 	LP 	1990 	emi 	eur 
vg+ 	vg 	inner sleeve, stoc
cabaret voltaire 	what is real 	12" 	1991 	crepescule 	nl 	vg+ 	vg 	 
sandoz 	digital lifeforms 	CD 	1993 	touch 	uk 	vg+ 	vg+ 	 
cabaret voltaire 	the conversation 	2CD 	1994 	instinct 	us 	vg 	vg 	 
various (...) 	step write run - alphaphone vol. 1 	2CD 	1996 
alphaphone 	uk 	vg+ 	vg+ 	 
biochemical dread 	bush doctrine 	CD 	2002 	cocosol1dc1t1 	can 	nm 	nm 
still sealed


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