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Nicolas Doye nic at worldofnic.org
Thu Dec 30 03:52:51 PST 2010

All these albums contain a lot of stuff that I just don't like. Having said that...

Plasticity contains a couple of stand-out tracks including Soulenoid (Scream at the Right Time). It is definitely worth buying just for the good ones.

International Language. The first track, Aftergow,  (about 10 mins long) is quite good, and there's a track that samples/remixes Taxi Music, but apart from that is something of a let down.

The Conversation contains a couple of good "poppy" tracks & Harmonic Parallel, but I for one don't like Project 80. There's a repeating loop on it that annoys me. Other people love it.

Note: if you get The Conversation on Vinyl (or the promo cassette I saw once), Project 80 is split into 4 parts.

You can hear that Mal had quite some influence on both Plasticity and The Conversation (in places), but less so on International Language. (IMHO)


On 30 Dec 2010, at 06:35, Ethan Ross wrote:

> So I was thinking about buying one of the Cab's techno/house/ambient albums (International Language, Plasticity, The Conversation) so I was wondering: which one's the best?
> Thanks a lot!
> Ethan
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