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This torrent just showed up...


Chris Watson curates Cross Pollination
Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
6th September 2009

core sound cardioids>fel preamp>zoom h2>48khz 24bit>usb>fades &
resampling to 44/16 in Audition>splitting in CD Wave>TLH flac level 8

sq: I'd give this an B+.Samples attached.

Please note, whilst the Jeck piece is essentially a DJ set his use of
officially released sources is limited to short samples and loops, for
the most part about 10 sec in length. The longest section that I can
detect is the play out of "Ugly Bug's Ball" which is about 26 sec.
Based on this information the Mods have allowed the inclusion of
Jeck's set.

01 intro by Chris Watson (04:20)
02 Bee Symphony (21:39)
Mike Harding: bee recordings
Chris Watson: bee recordings/editing & composition of recordings
Marcus Davidson: vocal composition
03 Philip Jeck (41:08)
04 intro by Atau Tanaka (11:32)
05 Maria Jardardottir (19:23)
Chris Watson: recordings of Japanese bell crickets/processing &
composition of recordings

total 98:02

this is for free trade only

please support the artists and labels involved by attending live
events & buying the officially released stuff


a review of the evening;


a piece in the Guardian


a salamanda recording


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