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cars10 carsten at framed-dimension.de
Sun Mar 29 22:35:05 PDT 2009

Heya Grant,

I sort of disappeared from the screen last year due to a bad hd crash, 
loosing loads of e-mail's and contacts besides all sorts of stuff which 
I puzzled together during the last months mostly. besides my family grew 
bigger leaving me less space for music, digging through the web and so 
on. I hardly get my current pile listened through even if I don't obtain 
much at all..... I'm a bit sceptical about that Kora Disk, if it's 
"only" RHK I find it  wierd using CV for this kind of projects. Got the 
last Ku Ling Disk which is pretty good, a bit more poppy than Creach but 
still ..... Did you hear about the Crackdown Project of Mal - I think 
brainwashed linked to it......... well, anyway hope you're doing fine, 

Grant Regnaert schrieb:
> Hey Carsten! I hope all's well with you. Its been a while since we talked. But YES --The version of Over & Over on Listen Up With... is in fact identical to the original flexi disc. Take care, man! BTW~ Did you get the new CV Kora! Versions CD yet? Best! Grant
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