[Nagnagnag] Kora Versions - first impressions

Nicolas Doye nic at worldofnic.org
Fri Mar 13 14:42:18 PDT 2009

So, I've only listened once - and long-time readers of this list will
remember that I've often got first impressions wrong. (My disastrous
comments on Dark Magus still play on my mind).  So take a pinch of salt with
the following.

Good news: it doesn't sound much like the original material (which I've
heard only a little of on-line).

It starts well - the Skankenstein version is fantastic - but after there? It
sounds a bit like a half-assed version of Chant to Jah. On "Crazy Things" a
sample seems to say "It was a joke". Perhaps it is? Most of the album is
Kirkian dub. But "Burning Reprise" isn't - it's bad ambient or something.

All in all a welcome return for the Cabs name but apart from 1 or 2 tracks,
a bit forgettable.

Aside: Shiva Records is owned by Amrik Rai who used to own FON Records (a
sort-of precursor to Warp - one of FON's acts included DJ Parrot of Sweet
Exorcist), and previously managed the Cabs. (He also worked for the NME - my
google skills rock).

Nice Designers Republic sleeve.

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