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Stephen Austra-Beck saustrabeck at me.com
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I work for Apple.  Sr. Kirk has set it up on his site so that each album
cover there links directly to it as available in iTunes.  Good call on Vasco
de Mento, I don¹t yet have all this.  Thankfully he¹s made the bulk of his
catalogue available excusively through iTunes as I¹ve been replenishing what
I once had on the original disc releases, and wish I still did.  I really
like ŒDollars and Cents¹ (but think he should have called it ŒDollars and
Sense¹) but felt he didn¹t really explore any territory he hadn¹t already,
but that¹s OK.

-Stephen /

On 1/28/09 4:02 PM, "Mike Messick" <mike at angryjester.com> wrote:

> Go to the iTunes store and do a search for "Dollars and Cents" as well as
> "Neuroscience" or "Richard H. Kirk".  Most all of his work is on iTunes now.
> While you're at it, be sure to get his "Vasco de Mento" work from 2007.
> "Nightmares" is one of my favorite Kirk tracks from the last ten years.
> Mallinder is part of an Australian group called Ku-Ling Brothers.  They've
> just released a great work called "Here Come the Astronauts".
> - Mike
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> hi mike, not heard this new Kirk material, can you send me a link please, also
> i guess there is nothing new from stephen?  guess he is still working at
> university of brighton?
> thanks john ball
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