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Got both this morning from iTunes.

Neuroscience is a long single track with different sub-styles in a similar 
vein to the Agents / Darkness at Noon set.

Dollars & Cents reminds me somewhat of some of the Neurometric/Loopstatic 
period with lots of shortwave sounds and controlled dissonance over strong 
rhythms.  Most of the tracks seem to somehow float over the scratchy 
ramblings of a radio preacher's sermon.  The sermon's content is relatively 
modern though since he refers to both W and Obama.  There's some 
similiarity to the tracks with each other but not as obvious as some of his 
other works where the tracks sound more like remixes of each other.  I 
think in this case this may be due to his using the sermon sample 
throughout most of the tracks.  In this respect it reminds me somewhat of 
the Sweet Excorcist CCEP work, where each track is different but still 
slightly alike due to his using similar loops.

But, hey, it's new Kirk after 18 months!




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Hoo-rah! http://www.richardhkirk.com/news.htm Cue the grumbling that it's 
not available on CD. 
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