iTunes Gift Codes to purchase RHK from Mexico (and else where) [was "Re: [Nagnagnag] Re: Nagnagnag Digest, Vol 71, Issue 6"]

Tristan Jutras tristan at
Mon Feb 2 04:11:12 PST 2009

Hi David,

If you set up a new iTunes account by doing the following, you should  
be good to go:

1) Log out of your existing iTunes account.

2) While logged out, you should still be able to access the iTunes  
Store. Click on "Redeem", near the top left.

3) Enter in your Gift Card or Gift Code and other info, using a US  
mailing address (just needs to have a valid zip code). *Don't* enter  
in any credit card info (you won't need to anyhow, since it's set up  
so that kids can buy music without a credit card).

4) Purchase and download all the iTunes-only RHK to your heart's  

I've heard some people have had trouble with location access  
restrictions based on their IP address, but I've had no trouble  
purchasing US iTunes content from Canada using the method described  
above, with both a physical iTunes Gift Card, and an emailed iTunes  
Gift Code (see below). Your mileage might vary.

Good luck!


P.S. You can find iTunes Gift Codes for sale on eBay, but don't buy  
any for less than face value, as these could be purchased with stolen  
credit cards and subject to possible cancellation (not to mention bad  
karma). Instead, expect to pay a $5-6 premium, so after an initial  
test, the larger amount you buy at once, the more economical it is.

I've purchased a gift code from the following seller without a hitch:

No connection to seller - just a satisfied customer.  :-)


On Jan-31-09, at 11:37 AM, Edward Arthur wrote:

> Hi David,
> I think you may still need a credit card.
> /Ed
> On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 12:02 PM, David O. Varela  
> <dovarela at> wrote:
> Hello :-)
> The same history again....
> I want the new Kirk material but in Mexico dont have iTunes store :-(
> And I dont have a credit card with USA address
> Anyone know if I obtain an iTunes gift card, its possible to use the  
> code to download the songs outside the US?
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