[Nagnagnag] New Order Western Works session, complete with NO/CV collaboration

Edward Arthur ed.arthur at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 23:30:59 PDT 2009

Has this been circulated before?

Check this blog out, if you're not a New Order song, just listen to the last




"And then we have the biggest revelation of the reel: A heretofore-unknown
new New Order track, or rather, a collaboration with the Cabs and New Order,
featuring none other than NO manager Rob Gretton on lead vocals! This has
been confirmed by a New Order member directly to your humble blogger, and
furthermore, this same member revealed that it was entitled "Are You Ready
Are You Ready Are You Ready For This?" and was just one of two
collaborations they recorded with the Cabs, with the other (still unknown)
sounding much more New Order-ry than this track. What is special about "Are
You Ready" though is that, Rob's vocals aside, musically it shows the band
taking great liberties with the established Joy Division sound - and the
early New Order sound - and is very much so a signpost to the musical path
the band would further explore starting with fall 1981's "Everything's Gone
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