[Nagnagnag] VoA

Edward Arthur ed.arthur at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 10:18:09 PST 2008

Hmmm, just rediscovered VoA in my basement - forgot I'd even owned it!
Where is the sample on the song VoA from?

I still remember picking this album up and putting it back in the rack
multiple times in 81/82.  It wasn't until a few years later when I
actually heard
the Cabs.

There's been a bunch of Cabs shows (81-83 roughly) recently appearing
on DimeADozen and about 6 or so Clock DVA rarities in the last week!

Incidentally, I was looking for a CD with the Clash's "Straight to Hell" on
it (found one) so I could play it for my kids, as a top40 hit samples the
song.  Also dug out Lesson No. 1 by Glenn Branca if anyone else was
curious what I found in the basement ;-)


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