[Nagnagnag] New Ku-Ling Bros.'s Album Coming Soon!

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So then how does one acquire a copy of this?   I recall that getting a copy of Creach was quite an endeavor . . . 

-JB in IL

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  on www.suitemusique.com 
  and from a very reliable information source:
  "Although appearing on stage in many shapes and sizes over the past 10 years, the Ku-ling Bros are comprised of three key founding members - Shane Norton (Soundlab), Jack Lucas (Yummy Fur, Il Capaninas) and Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire, Sassi & Loco). 

  First formed as a remix project, the Ku-ling Bros have always found home with the one and only Offworld Sounds label on which they have a string of releases including their debut album “Creach” and the remix album “Eat The Rich”. 

  After taking time out to work on other projects both in and out of the studio, starting with the infamous “Amateur Night In The Big Top” project, the Ku-ling Bros have finally found the time to cook up their third full length album release with the help of special guests - Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays, Black Grape), Andre Maz (Yummy Fur) and our very own Shine Eye Gal (Soul Avengers). While the finishing touches are being made and the title is yet to be announced, the best words to describe this album are probably “long over due” ". 
  Also you can check The ku-ling Bros. at myspace.com
  Listen to "Shape Shifter". Excellent, great new KLB's song. Also "Big Mouth", "Blue" and "Fall Again".
  Long live to The Ku-ling Bros.!
  Best Regards to All
  Walter Gabriel Ruiz
  Mar del Plata - Argentina


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