[Nagnagnag] New Ku-Ling Bros.'s Album Coming Soon!

cars10 carsten at framed-dimension.de
Mon Feb 18 19:55:00 PST 2008

thanks for that !
so they are still active and even off world sounds still exists !
anyone seen some of their latest output called "a series of tasty 
samplers and vinyl slabs in recent years"
at myspace ?


btw, anyone willing to part with a copy of the shane norton mix cd 
http://www.discogs.com/release/741948 ?

Mr. Diskito schrieb:
> on *www*.*suitemusique.com* <http://www.suitemusique.com>
> /and from a very reliable information source/:
> "Although appearing on stage in many shapes and sizes over the past 10 
> years, *the Ku-ling Bros *are comprised of three key founding members 
> - *Shane Norton *(Soundlab), *Jack Lucas *(Yummy Fur, Il Capaninas) 
> and /*Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire, Sassi & Loco). */
> First formed as a remix project, the Ku-ling Bros have always found 
> home with the one and only Offworld Sounds label on which they have a 
> string of releases including their debut album “Creach” and the remix 
> album “Eat The Rich”.
> After taking time out to work on other projects both in and out of the 
> studio, starting with the infamous “Amateur Night In The Big Top” 
> project, the Ku-ling Bros have finally found the time to cook up 
> *their third full length album release *with the help of special 
> guests - Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays, Black Grape), Andre Maz (Yummy 
> Fur) and our very own Shine Eye Gal (Soul Avengers). While the 
> finishing touches are being made and the title is yet to be announced, 
> the best words to describe this album are probably “long over due” ".
> Also you can check/ *The ku-ling Bros.* /at/ /myspace.com
> Listen to "Shape Shifter". Excellent, great new KLB's song. Also "Big 
> Mouth", "Blue" and "Fall Again".
> Long live to The Ku-ling Bros.!
> Best Regards to All
> Walter Gabriel Ruiz
> Mar del Plata - Argentina
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