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Hello!. Here more about "Here come the astronauts", long-awaited Ku-ling Brothers's new album. 
Written and arranged by Shane Norton. Co-written and arranged by STEPHEN MALLINDER and Kiriakos Lucas. Produced/Engineered by Shane Norton at 'Spin'. Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, New York. Art Design - Central Station Technicolor. Pública Records England Limited 2008.
List of tracks (and my experience with them after a few listenings):
1.-Shape Shifter (vocals Shaun Ryder, a different mix of the one included on "Amateur Night in the Big Top" cd); 2.-The Calm Before (vocals Will Scarlett and Day One); 3.- Seems Everyday (vocals Milly James, awesome song!); 4.- Ice Cream (vocals Shaun Ryder, powerful powerfull one); 5.- Fall Again (vocals Milly James); 6.- Big Mouth;  7.- Shake (great instrumental dance track); 8.-Blue (vocals Milly James); 9.- Move On (previously known as "Che Guevara" on the Ministry of Sound -Australian ed.- Magazine Compilation, here slightly mixed); 10.- Boom Chuck (seems like a Ku-ling Bros. Homage to 1986's Kraftwerk Electric Cafe); 11.- Slide, shouting into a bucket blues (---and incredible instrumental).
Inside the digipak you can read the following words "I got the talent for runaway razorblades, I live on my toes and live in the shade"
I found a review of the album at: http://www.thedwarf.com.au/nd/albumreviews/here_come_the_astronauts_ku_ling_brothers
Walter G. Ruiz
Mar del Plata - Argentina

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