[Nagnagnag] Sensoria Festival...

Edward Arthur ed.arthur at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 17:36:46 PDT 2008

Just a few things, was going through the CD drawer in my office and
deep in a corner I found the cardbaord sleaved "Is This Now?"
and the "Yorkshire Fans" discs.

"Is This Now?" is the first solo Kirk disc I bought (back in '98 I
think) and of course I caught the disease and bought the rest.
Its been eons since I played it.  (Note to self: put on iPod for upcoming trip)

When this ends I'll re-play the fan disc.

Oddly I use Windows Media Player to play my CDs and the title comes up
but the song titles do not.  While trolling the
web looking for the song titles (thanks Google - is everyone else too
lazy to type in the real URL to get what they want
even when they know it?) I came across this:

"RHK live performance in Sheffield
For those who missed his recent performance a new opportunity has
presented itself to see RHK in action. In Sheffield's upcoming
Sensoria Festival. Among the many films and exhibitions RHK will be
appearing with a performance called "Subduing Demons in Charter
Square". Live music accompanied by three giant video screens. All that
and more on 17th April."


So get out there and see the man for those of us who can't, and record
it please!!!


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