[Nagnagnag] Re: iTunes frustrated :-(

David O. Varela dovarela at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 21:45:54 PDT 2007

> I want the real stuff too, discs, booklet, artwork etc. nothing against
> file distribution but it sucks, at least he could offer an alternative
> to i-tune shopping but it seems like this is a extension of a take it as
> it is attitude.
> not i-tunes compactible,
> carsten

Thats true, the problem is iTunes distribution, not all the people live in
iTunes country capable :-( .....

> I'm not saying I agree with the whole iTunes thing (especially the
> quality) but have you thought about buying an iTunes gift card from a
> local retailer?
> Those of you who do Linux, that's the real clincher.
> /Ed

Hi Ed :-)

I tried that in the apple site, I cant buy an iTunes gift card, I need an
iTunes account, and for that a USA credit card ....
And buying from a local retailer its not an option here in Mexico :-(
......, dont exist in the shops ......
May be buying from amazon a gift card works, I dont know ?

Technical Details

   - $25 gift card
   - must be redeemed through U.S. iTunes Store
   - ********usable only by persons above age 13 in the United
   - not redeemable for cash

thanks ....
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