[Nagnagnag] 'Colours' availability on American Amazon storefront

Stephen Austra-Beck saustrabeck at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 18:28:05 PDT 2007

To Richard and anyone else interested:

The US Amazon storefront has 46 new and used copes of 'Colours' on offer through them directly or resellers:


International shipping is US$6.89 (£3.44).  Keep in mind your credit or bank card issuer may likely charge a small currency conversion fee for the transaction if purchasing with a non-US bank issued card.   Check with your respective card issuer for details on the fee fee.

The US Amazon storefront has a wealth of other C/V & Kirk project releases, as well as a lot of other things one may not find on the UK storefront (or corresponding site where one may reside),-  www.amazon.com. 

-Stephen /
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