[Nagnagnag] Another resource for Kirk/CV out of print material

Stephen Austra-Beck saustrabeck at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 17:51:31 PDT 2007

Excellent.  I bought some of the releases off iTunes.  I just burned a CD and re-uploaded to my drive as a different DRM free file.

I also purchased a lot of Kirk's work through a Lithuanian site www.mp3skyline.com - some of his, Sandoz & Electronic Eye.  Cabaret Voltaire offerings are limited.   More titles are available everyday though overall, so I keep checking.  Tracks are US$.20 (£.10)!!!  As low as $US.16 (£.08) if you purchase US$45.00 (£22.13)  worth of credit.  Tracks are either 196, 320kbps, or variable bit rate (which most are I've bought, and the quality was fine).  I've had to rebuild my Kirk/CV catalogue all over again, and as a lot of it was in limited release and now out of print, I'll buy here if it's cheaper than buying a used copy.  For instance used copies of Sandoz 'Intensely Radioactive' start at US$40.00 on US Amazon.  

This site purports to pay artist royalties under license compliant with the Russian Federation Act for Copyright and Related Acts, but who knows?  I want Kirk (& Mal) to receive their due royalties/revenues, so I buy stuff here that's deleted from the distribution label (out of print) and NOT available through iTunes.

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  I don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but Amazon has a few early CV albums at the same cost as Itunes, except they're recorded at 256 and no DRM.

  - Mike

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  Does anyone know if the itunes versions of Plasticity and Body and Soul have the original CD tracklistings or the vinyl/cassette versions? 

  And is Colours on there? 

  Yes I know I could look myself, but I'm at work.  Apologies. 


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