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These titles you referenced were all titles CV released independently, and I think RH Kirk (& Mal) still own the rights to them.  '91-'92's 'Technology- Western Re-Works' on Virgin is on iTunes too, which I believe CV may own the rights to as well.

Yes, it's frustrating the EMI catalogue isn't so readily available, but "Code" for instance is a "deleted title."  Maybe eventually it will be re-released via 'The Grey Area of Mute' for instance, or another outlet.  The EMI follow up "Groovy, Laidback and Nasty" was re-issued "mid-price", but UK only (as the original).  Such titles that weren't released in the US region likely wouldn't make it to the US iPod store.  Apple maintains nation/region specific iPod e-storefronts, and if a title is available on one of them one wants, they have to have a credit card issued specific that nation/region, and billing address.
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  I guess I missed these being added but things like Body & Soul, Plasticity, What Is Real, Percussion Force, The Conversation, and  International Language are all in iTunes now.

  I'm shocked the Mute and EMI catalogs aren't more prevalent and it's pretty cool that it says copyright Cabaret Voltaire - the band should completely be the ones directly selling into iTunes. 

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