[Nagnagnag] Mojo and Control

Nicolas Doye nic at worldofnic.org
Thu Jan 11 20:24:14 PST 2007

I haven't bought a music magazine in god knows how long, so I was surprised
to find myself buying one of the self-righteous, self-aggradising,
pretentious, muso, wank-fests that exist for people of my age, this month.

I talk of Mojo (Feb 07) which features a world gone Ian Curtis mad. You can
see the Cabs name twice (but nothing about them).

There's a new movie about Ian Curtis out this year, called Control (by Anton
"Depeche Mode videos" Corbijn, based on the excellent book, "Touching from a
distance"). The question is, will this one have any mocked-up Cabs (like "24
hour party people" was meant to, but didn't).?

(Off topic - looks like a good year for Joy Division fans. Digital remasters
with extra live content, DVDs, Closer...)

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