[Nagnagnag] question for brits perhaps - who is this bald dude?

Nicolas Doye nic at worldofnic.org
Thu Aug 30 22:54:31 PDT 2007

You love us Brits really ;-) We make up 90% of your record collection!

It was this below that sounded like a heroin-addled dream from a
madman... (no offence to the original author!)


> > >
> > > "His stage name was The Dodger or Dodge, his real name was Boris
> > > Pakula (?). He was a bit part actor, painter, photographer and
> > > writer. He also played in bands with ex members of Play Dead and The
> > > Cravats. I once had the pleasure of dragging his sorry arse out of
> > > The Marquee in London when he passed out after being hit on the head
> > > with an effects pedal which the disgruntled guitarist with Lawnmower
> > > Def kicked into the crowd when the soundman turned the monitors off
> > > because they overplayed. He was deported from the UK when he was
> > > caught up in a raid on a brothel near Waterloo Station.... apparently
> > > he was doing the washing up and was dragged off to the police station
> > > without his clothes. We got cards from him from Cuba and South
> > > America where he worked as a lorry driver for aid agencies. He last
> > > resided in Munich. I'd be interested to know why you are interested
> > > in him as he died a few months ago after falling off a motorbike in
> > > Pakistan and developing a blood clot (exacerbated by smoking) which
> > > caused a heart attack or something. More to the point WTF are you
> > > doing watching Frankie Goes To Hollywood videos?"
> > >

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