[Nagnagnag] Vasco De Mento: Intentional Glitch and Slapheads

Guy Joyce magneticdwarfreptile at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 18:46:17 PDT 2007

I'm 99% sure the noise bursts are intentional. It's unlikely that any post-recording glitch would loop exactly in time with the BPM. It is pretty loud relative to the rest of the music, but personally I like it.

The whole VGD dowload builds in a really amazing way too. But then it should, being RHK.

It 's a shame it's only 128kbps though. especially since itunes offers some of its downloads at a higher bandwidth these days.

Here's my question. Does anyone know where the picture of the geezer (or is it s a woman) with what looks like a heavily made-up rubber head mask on the 'cover' comes from ?


>BTW~ Did ANYONE else think that the track "Warrior of the Digital Age" on 
>Part 2 was defective?   It appears to possibly have a glitch at the 1:58 
>mark, & again at the 6:01 mark...it suddenly bursts into a very high pitched 
>squeal(lasting for about a minute) that overpowers any other sound going 
>Now, I know Kirk is one for experimentation, but IMO, it seemed a bit too 
>noisey, almost like something Merzbow would do!
>I HOPE that this is the way that Kirk intended it and it is NOT some glitch! 
> Can anyone else please give me their thoughts on this?  Does it appear 
>that it IS intentional?  Does anyone else know what I'm referring to? If it 
>is a glitch, than you may not know what I mean.
>Please give me your feedback, my fellow Naggers.

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