[Nagnagnag] Vasco de Mento - Burning the Words Parts 1 + 2

Thierens, Danny Danny.Thierens at KochGlitsch.com
Mon Aug 20 12:09:07 PDT 2007

See http://www.richardhkirk.com/news.htm

		New releases from Intone: Vasco de Mento - Burning the Words Parts 1 + 2, available from iTunes Music Store from August 27th 2007.

Sh*t, iTunes-only again. I'll have to wait to download this from another source again, just like previous ones.

"EMF <kochind.com>" made the following annotations.

Koch-Glitsch Belgium division of Koch Chemical Technology Group Limited.
Company number:3321082
Registered office address: Bijkhoevelaan  12, 2110, Wijnegem, Belgium

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