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Guy Joyce magneticdwarfreptile at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 6 20:40:38 PDT 2006

Erm. Sorry for spotting this. I guess I was feeling smug because, erm, I ... own ... an .. um .. ipod.


Anyway, it'll will be great because (a) it's called "Autoshark". How good is THAT for a name ??? and (b)  It's by THE Electronic Eye !!!  Responsible for the 2CDs of genius 'Closed Circuit'. 

Lets hope it's good then.

I'll get my coat.

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I'd like to request the following again : Why doesn't he put stuff on
www.bleep.com also ? At least people who are iTunes-challenged (like
myself) can get these latest releases. Dust Science did it for the _Fear
No Evil_ EP ($ 3.99 for 320 kbps mp3 files). If he still has problems
with Warp (for speeding up his track _WWIII_ for the _Blech_ mixtape),
there are plenty of other pay-to-download-mp3-files-sites out there in

There is of course always the kind soul that will trade (hi Grant !),
but there also Soulseek to get the stuff without paying for it (like the
last 2 ones). Not my preferred method, but a method nevertheless. I'd be
happy to pay for his download-only releases, but if he's making it that
hard to get them (at least for me personally) ...


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