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Stuart Mann stuartmann at btinternet.com
Thu May 18 00:13:19 PDT 2006

I couldn't agree more - whatever the format, just get them!

I agree about the three you mention, but even they have their place in the scheme of things - instantly recognisable as Kirk, and important.  Perhaps I'm addicted to pulsating beats, but the more introspective ones are equally part of my psyche...  

I haven't downloaded Valhalla yet, but it's on my list... I'm also secretly quite excited about the new Sandoz!

URP4 is wonderful - I love that analogue sound...

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  I hate to rub it in for those who can't download these releases ... but they are awesome - particularly Entering Valhalla volume 2 (from the "Virtual State" era i.e. 1993).
  Having said that aren't most RHK releases awesome ??? The only releases I've not been that keen on are "Agents with False Memories" "Subduing Demons Vol 2" and "Orchestra Terrestrial", but I'm sure these have a fair share of fans out there.
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