[Nagnagnag] New RHK download-releases only

Nic Doye nic at worldofnic.org
Wed May 17 10:24:17 PDT 2006

I hate having to boot into Windows to buy this stuff. (I'm a Linux user).

There is a different interface to iTunes Store called SharpMusique :

I've used it (under Linux), and it allowed me to buy the tunes. It
downloaded them, and magically deleted them before I saw them :-) (At
this point do not pay again! I made that mistake).

Give it a try, it's Free (as in Libre and Gratis).


On 17/5/2006, "jessebaird" <jessebaird at insightbb.com> wrote:

>New RHK download-releases onlyI agree.  Installing iTunes kills my Quicktime app, which I need that to watch all the video from my digital camera (I've tried, but can't solve the problem).  I can get everything I need from other sources, except these RHK releases, which are essential.   So very time RHK comes out with a new iTunes only release, I have to install iTunes, download the stuff, and uninstall it.   Though before I get my dander up too much, I must remember that back in the Medieval, pre-internet past, I had to make repeated visits to record stores, or calls to mail order places, to buy RHK stuff.  Now I can not only get the RHK releases I need but bitch about them from the comfort of my own home.  
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>  Check http://www.richardhkirk.com/news.htm for details ... 
>  I wish these were regular releases also, or at least I could them up as .mp3 files from a site other than iTunes. 
>  :-( 
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