[Nagnagnag] RE:/The Converstion/Rumours ( ONLY Kirk? - Or WAS Mal involved TOO?)

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Fri Mar 3 12:21:13 PST 2006

Hi Tim,

"The message" does appear in an early form on the televised
broadcast you mention. A while back I posted this to the Yahoo!
cabs group, regarding a review of 'The Conversation' which
prompted Kirk to reply to the reviewer, his letter touched on the
topic of who actually made the record.....

I will have to point out that the following
info is from memory!
.....At the time of the release of 'The Conversation'
Richard H Kirk wrote a letter which was published
in Mixmag magazine. It was to inform the reviewer
of the 'The Conversation' that it was actually 'his' work.
This comment by Kirk seemed to be fueled by the
fact that the reviewer had regarded the CV album
as 'on form' and 'better', than compared to Kirk solo,
which at the time would have been the Warp / Sandoz era.
Kirk made further comments in the letter suggesting
that Mal had only received a credit for writing, and had
made no studio contribution, as he was in Australia.
If anybody does have this clipping from the Mixmag
letters page, (the issue had Goldie on the cover I think)
it would be great to read it again as I think it certainly
addresses the issues which have recently been discussed,
and will clear up any misquoted inaccuracies on my part!


On 3/2/06, TJ Lawless <tjlawless at hotmail.com> wrote:
> To add another indistinct sliver of flavouring into the cooking pot that is
> the Mal/RHK trilogy debate.... I distinctly remember, on a live televised CV
> performance in the 90s (possibly the Plasticity tour, although not
> absolutely sure of this) an earlier version of "The Message" being aired on
> stage,with spoken word samples ("an original hollywood theme" etc) with Lord
> Steven of Mallinder adding his thrusting lusty bass twang to proceedings at
> the time...this was the performance where RHK and Mal were interviewed by
> Steve Lamacq afterwards, think it went out on Channel 4 too. Anyone remember
> this?
> The Cabs played to what looked like a suspiciously looking half empty hall
> full of 19 year old ponytailed ravers thinking they had discovered CV...
> There-indisputable proof (maybe?) that Mal's influence was on formative
> versions of tracks on "The Conversation", as "The Message", in a more
> polished form, appeared on it,as we all know..
> Tim "Horsemouth" Lawless
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> >Richard Smith - TW News wrote:
> >>For what it's worth I don't think any quotes or speculation I've seen
> >>confirm the truth about The Conversation - where exactly did the "blood"
> >>quote come from and what does it mean anyway?
> >
> >I can't find my source for the "blood" quote. I remember it clearly as it's
> >one of the phrases I use, and yet it makes no sense in this context :-)
> >
> >>   How could working alone in the studio on The Conversation "feel" like a
> >>CV album when up to this point CV had always meant working with at least
> >>one other person on song-based material?   I think this debate really
> >>comes down to what you want to believe, and whether or not you consider
> >>Mal to be an essential part of CV.   The facts are that Mal was an
> >>essential part of the Cabs for 20 years and an album without him on it is
> >>not a CV album, no matter what it says on the tin - mind you, some people
> >>possibly said this when Chris left!
> >:-)
> >
> >nic
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