[Nagnagnag] RE:/The Converstion/Rumours ( ONLY Kirk? - Or WAS Mal involved TOO?)

Nic Doye nic at worldofnic.org
Wed Mar 1 09:40:27 PST 2006

Richard Smith - TW News wrote:
> For what it's worth I don't think any quotes or speculation I've seen 
> confirm the truth about The Conversation - where exactly did the 
> "blood" quote come from and what does it mean anyway?

I can't find my source for the "blood" quote. I remember it clearly as 
it's one of the phrases I use, and yet it makes no sense in this context :-)

>   How could working alone in the studio on The Conversation "feel" 
> like a CV album when up to this point CV had always meant working with 
> at least one other person on song-based material?  
> I think this debate really comes down to what you want to believe, and 
> whether or not you consider Mal to be an essential part of CV.   The 
> facts are that Mal was an essential part of the Cabs for 20 years and 
> an album without him on it is not a CV album, no matter what it says 
> on the tin - mind you, some people possibly said this when Chris left!


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