[Nagnagnag] RE:/The Converstion/Rumours ( ONLY Kirk? - Or WAS Mal involved TOO?)

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" Though it was stated from the person yesterday (who works for the BBC)
and interviewed CV AFTER Plasticity was done; saying that CV said BOTH
Mal & Kirk worked on Plasticity. So there is STILL a bit of mystery to
this whole "trilogy". With some conflicting statements/quotes, etc "
I should add that I didn't work at the BBC at the time - I interviewed
them as part of a student radio programme.  But i remember the events of
that day very well and still have the interview on tape somewhere. 
For what it's worth I don't think any quotes or speculation I've seen
confirm the truth about The Conversation - where exactly did the "blood"
quote come from and what does it mean anyway?   How could working alone
in the studio on The Conversation "feel" like a CV album when up to this
point CV had always meant working with at least one other person on
song-based material?  
I think this debate really comes down to what you want to believe, and
whether or not you consider Mal to be an essential part of CV.   The
facts are that Mal was an essential part of the Cabs for 20 years and an
album without him on it is not a CV album, no matter what it says on the
tin - mind you, some people possibly said this when Chris left! 


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