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Various Artists - Touch 25 CD (Touch) [TONE025CD] $13.75 RELEASE DATE:
07-11-2006 http://www.ear-rational.com/detail.php?id=26199
This is the Touch 25th anniversary edition CD, celebrating the
conception and first release from Touch with exclusive tracks from: Oren
Ambarchi, Biosphere, Fennesz, Bruce Gilbert, Ryoji Ikeda, Philip Jeck,
Johann Johannsson, Jacob Kirkegaard, Mother Tongue, BJNilsen, Pan Sonic,
Rosy Parlane, Peter Rehberg, Rafael Toral, Mark Van Hoen, Chris Watson.
There are also several insert recordings and a live edit from Hild Sofie
Tafjord & Tanja Orning. Touch was conceived by Jon Wozencroft in 1981,
and released its first cassette magazine Feature Mist in 1982, and since
then, the label has become one of the key touchstones in captivating,
intelligent electronic music worldwide. Most artists on this compilation
have made a special recording for this CD as a sort of "declaration of
intent," envisioning future-music 25 years down the line, using elements
from the past. As Wozencroft himself states, "What seems to have taken
place, is a sequence of 25 tracks (in itself an accident of numbers)
that each in their own space are quite obscure and 'of a refined sense
of taste,' but together, build a very emotional journey through the
emotional conditions brought on by the lack of emotion in everyday life,
and its replacement by extremities." Biosphere reconnects to nature with
a proliferation of birds, Pan Sonic and Ryoji Ikeda condense their
approach into two five-minute pieces that make you appreciate their past
excursions, and Chris Watson presents two recordings based on
transportation conditions on water and railway, which connect more
obviously to his roots in Cabaret Voltaire than his wildlife sound
recordings, but end up re-energizing both. Bruce Gilbert has made a
spoken-word story that contains his finest guitar playing to date, and
Rafael Toral plays his piece with a data glove. Wozencroft himself
contributes a recording he made in 1984 of the plumbing system in his
old apartment, as well as a recording of an air traffic control deadzone
over Siberia that was recorded in the cockpit of a 747. Touch 25 is the
sound of future life. 

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