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Snipped from Dust Science mailing:

[dustv011] Keep The Faith - Dust Sampler 1

Richard H. Kirk / Anthony Shakir / The Black Dog / Fred Giannelli / Vince
Watson / Orlando Voorn / Sean Deason / Dan Curtin / Carl Taylor / Derailleur
/ Jaguar Woman 

Dust Science is proud to present their first sampler - Keep The Faith, with
contributions from electronic pioneer Richard H. Kirk, Detroit techno guru
Anthony "Shake" Shakir, and seminal electronica artist The Black Dog,
presented in remixed form courtesy of Vince Watson and Orlando Voorn.
Alongside these truly stellar acts are techno prankster Fred Giannelli and
the very talented Dan Curtin, while the new generation are represented by
Carl Taylor, Derailleur, Paula Temple (aka Jaguar Woman) and Sean Deason.
This new CD is a celebration of the label's accomplishments and is, we hope,
the precursor of many more to come. 

Exclusive Hand Made Dust Print

The first 93 orders come with a fantastic hand screen-printed piece of
exclusive Dust artwork (11" by 22"), each one signed and individually
Click <http://www.dustscience.com/gfx/KeepTheFaith/KeepTheFaith_poster.jpg>
here to check out the artwork 

Listen Here:


Purchase Here:



Many thanks for all the support
Martin Dust
Dust <http://www.dustscience.com>  Science Recordings 


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