[Nagnagnag] Re: Sweet Exorcist 'C.C.E.P.'

paulus hook p_hook at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 15 14:49:21 PDT 2006

> simon at stroppy.demon.co.uk writes:

> Why was the Sweet Exorcist mini-album 'C.C.E.P.' issued
> on vinyl under two different catalogue numbers, WARP LP 1
> and WAP 13?

'C.C.E.P.' was originally released in 1990 as an EP, thus the
catalogue number had a "WAP" prefix.  Since it was the label's
thirteenth release, the catalogue number was WAP 13.

Apparently Warp label owners, Steve Beckett and Rob Mitchell,
deemed the number 13 as unlucky.  The WAP 13 catalogue
number was permanently retired and the EP version of 'C.C.E.P.'
was subsequently deleted.  If you have a copy of WAP 13, hold
on to it, as they are somewhat rare and collectible amongst

When the initial pressings of WAP 13 began to sell out, 'C.C.E.P.'
was repressed with new artwork by Designers Republic, and
released in early 1991 as WARP LP 1, Warp's first full-length
album release.  With seven tracks clocking in at over fifty
minutes, 'C.C.E.P.' made as much sense as a mini-LP as it did
previously as a maxi-EP.

Whether Steve and Rob actually thought the number 13 was
unlucky is debatable.  I believe the decision to repress 'C.C.E.P.'
as an album was a clever way to get an extra pound sterling
off each unit, whilst creating a bit of a daft aura for the label.


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