[Nagnagnag] 'URP'

paulus hook p_hook at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 25 17:31:58 PST 2006

> tripreset at hotmail.com [Grant Regnaert] writes:

> Do you think Kirk will make an 'URP 5', or do you think
> he is done with his URP series?

Dunno really, you should ask him:


As former 'Daily Show' cast member Stephen Colbert would
say, the 'URP' series are "dead to me" if they continue to be
digital only releases.  I want the CD with the Designer
Republic artwork and the albeit minimal liner notes.  You
hear that Kirkmeister?  Your digital releases are dead to me!

After all, I am good consumer, raised in a material obsessed
society, and I need my fix!  It's not about the music.  Buying
a CD is about the superficial comfort one gets from having a
5" x 5" mass of plastic in your sweaty little palm!  I cannot
derive any security from a bunch of zeros and ones!

I wonder if Richard is secretly watching over the Cabaret
Voltaire and Nag Nag Nag lists like Colin Newman does with
the Idealcopy Wire list?  We know you're out there!  Come out,
come out!


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