[Nagnagnag] URP 4-a plea for help

cars10 carsten at framed-dimension.de
Wed Jan 25 18:27:32 PST 2006

hello all,
I`d be lucky if anyone could do me the same favour (plus bit 
crackle....) as I have no i tunes and am not willing to join just for 
these releases. I`m willing to pay for all your efforts or trade (as I 
have a few doubles). please mail me offlist if you`re willing to help.
- carsten

TJ Lawless schrieb:

> Hi there fellow naggers
> I just wondered if anybody out there would possibly do a rather large 
> favour and consider downloading URP 4 for me?? I appreciate this may 
> be a big ask, and I wouldn't ask if (a) I wasn't slightly desperate 
> and (b) I could download itunes from my computer! Unfortunately older 
> versions of Windows do not seem to download it at all, or start to and 
> then refuse to complete the task in hand...obviously I will pay you 
> whatever, for your trouble. Otherwise its a nervous wait to see if the 
> man will release it on CD! I'm extremely envious of all you lucky 
> people already with it, I'm sure you won't be surprised to know.
> Sorry, and hope some kind hearted fellow Kirk/Cabs obsessive can help, 
> if anyone can, please email me offline at tjlawless at hotmail.com
> Thanks and yours hopefully,
> Tim
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