[Nagnagnag] Re: [Cabaretvoltaire] Alphaphone 'Step Write Run'

paulus hook p_hook at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 25 02:32:26 PST 2006

> yenpoxboy at yahoo.com [Grant] writes:

> I do not understand why the 5 missing tracks [from 'Step
> Write Run'] were not included on the 2 x CD.  [They] could
> easily fit, as each disc was only 50 to 58 minutes in length!

Hey there Grant, it seems like the simplest answer to your
question would be that Kirk wanted to tease and torment all
of the mad Cabaret Voltaire completests out there!

I would gather that Kirk thought 'Step Write Run' sounded
best as you hear it compiled on the 2 CD set.  Perhaps the
"missing" vinyl-only tracks didn't fit aesthetically for him at
the time.

My guess is that the vinyl-only tracks were either more dance
oriented, thus they worked best on a DJ friendly medium, OR
they were so redundant in nature, that they were ideal candidates
as an obscure b-side.

I own all of the vinyl-only tracks, but I am far too lazy and
disinterested to pull the records and listen to each cut to test
the validity of this hypothesis!   :o)

One thing is for sure, if I was releasing records and I had as
much material as Kirk has, I would do the very same thing,
and spread the work out over a number of records and discs.
Releasing a number of limited pressed vinyl EPs, if for nothing
less, creates an air of mystery and preciousness.  There's
something to be said about giving your fans a bit of a laborious
hunt in the process of finding those rare undiscovered gems!

> Does anyone know if there will ever be an [Alphaphone]
> Volume 2?

I sincerely doubt it, as the URP series kinda covered that
style ad nauseam, but hey, ya never know!


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