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Hi Danny, I can't answer all of your questions but...I'm a new iTunes user due to RHK's recent releases.  You do need iTunes.  I haven't checked but I'm pretty sure they are AAC.  No choice can be made AFAIK.  No idea about downloading to another device, but you can always burn a CD (if your friend's PC has a burner) and then rip to MP3...


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From: "Thierens, Danny" <Danny.Thierens at KochGlitsch.com>
> I'm considering purchasing the previously unreleased _Bit Crackle_ and
> _URP 4_ releases from the above, but have questions as I'd be a
> first-time user of this service I hope someone can assist ...
> - In what format are the tracks encoded ? .mp3 or .aac (Apple's own
> format I believe) ? Can a choice be made ?
> - Are the files playable on any mp3-player ? I've got a non-iPod one
> (from Creative).
> - What software can please these files on a PC ? Windows Media Player ?
> Winamp (my fave) ? Or do you need iTunes itself to play these files ?
> I'm challenged by the fact that my (old) home PC has WinME as OS, which
> apparently can't support iTunes. I have no intention on upgrading to
> Win2000 or WinXP, although I know that's feasible. I'm planning on
> someone else purchasing these files for me and then transferring them
> over to my home PC.
> Sorry for the (perhaps silly) questions, but I'd like to know a bit more
> before I pay up 20 Euro's ...

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