[Nagnagnag] The Conversation/Rumours (ONLY Kirk? - or WAS Mal involved too?)

Nic Doye nic at worldofnic.org
Mon Feb 27 11:00:37 PST 2006

Richard Smith - TW News wrote:
> Re: Mal and the final three...
> This is a familiar topic to people on the cabs yahoo group.
> What we know for sure is: Mal was fully involved on Plasticity...I 
> know because i interviewed them on the day they finished at and they 
> played me some of it at Western Works (sorry to those who think "oh 
> no, not that bloody story again"!).

I missed that post (I don't subscribe to the yahoo group any more) can 
you forward me that story off-list?
>   In the tour which followed a couple of months later they played a 
> lot of material - with vocals - which would later appear on 
> Internation Language...the backing tapes used for the IL material 
> live are also the same as those which appeared on the IL album - 
> therefore i think it's safe to assume a lot of the IL stuff was 
> recorded at the same time or very soon after Plasticity.  
Another person has stated that he heard an early version of IL, which 
was completely a Mal/Kirk work, which was far more in a commercial vein 
than the released version. Mal was really pulling towards the commercial 
style. That person stated that Kirk re-did the album to make it more Kirk-y.

I attended a lot (?) of Cabs gigs around this period, and apart from 
being too drunk to remember them clearly, my vague memory was of Kirk 
playing what he wanted and Mal dancing and singing (ahem) what he 
wanted. Disappointing. To here what this sounded like, listen to 
Plasticity 6 from Viva 8.

> The true mystery is The Conversation.  It's true that the writing 
> credit contradicts the statement that RHK played everything.  I don't 
> believe there has ever been any information on this either way.  Given 
> that RHK was by this time regularly producing his own material it's 
> strange to think he'd put out a solo album under the Cabs name.  Also 
> this was the one and only album on Apollo so it's unlikely to have 
> been put out as a contractual obligation under the Cabs name - you'd 
> think if RHK and Mal had split before they began work on it together 
> then Apollo would have accepted a name change to an RHK-alias.  

Kirk is quoted as saying, "It was just me, what do these people want, 
blood?" Using the Cabs name would have been good for the finances (I 
think there were some financial problems about that time) and Mr Kirk 
uses the name that feels appropriate to him for each project. Thus if he 
felt like he was working on a Cabs album, he _was_ working on a Cabs 
album. :-)

> My best guess is that they both worked on demo-ing the material but 
> something happened - a degree of falling out or agreement to differ - 
> which led to Mal dropping out at that stage and RHK delivering it. 
> Speculation though. 
I've always suspected that they agreed to do it, but due to the 
geographical distance (and the workaholic nature of Mr K) Kirk just did 
it all himself. Perhaps Mal hummed some of the more catchy tunes to RHK. 
:-) I don't think (or don't like to think) that the two of them ever 
fell out.

On another note, I once saw promo cassettes of The Conversation. Weird. 
I also don't own the vinyl version. :-(


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